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According to the Beazley Database there are 3, vase paintings of Heracles, compared to of Theseus, of Perseus, 27 of Bellerophon, and only 10 of Jason. Predictably, Heracles is also the most popular mythical hero in Laconian vase-painting, which is limited to the sixth century, and it is interesting to note that he is sometimes dressed as a warrior, a feature calculated to appeal to the Spartans. While the Nemean lion is by far the most popular deed on Athenian black-figure vases, that of the Profit bitcoin olav slim hydra predominates on Corinthian vases, perhaps because the labor was performed not far from Corinth.

On the archaic Acropolis, Heracles is far more prevalent, being featured on at least four pediments. This sampling of regional variations demonstrates how local taste affected not only the choice of myths but also their manner of representation. Looking at Attic vase representations of Heracles diachronically is also revelatory. While the Nemean lion constitutes twenty-five percent of all black-figure scenes of Heracles, in red-figure before BC the percentage drops to a mere four. After a significant shift occurs from depictions of his Labors and other adventures to the heros apotheosis and his appearance in the company of the Olympian gods. In the fourth century, the favorite themes are the apples of the Hesperides and his initiation into the Eleusinian Mysteries. These more metaphysical scenes can be related to the humanizing process that takes place in literary and philosophical circles. Likewise, his appearance as an infant strangling the snakes sent by the jealous Hera on early fourth-century silver coins from Byzantion to Croton demonstrates a more human side to the brawny hero. This ubiquitous and long-lived hero even survived pagan antiquity, emerging as the figure of Fortitude in Christian art. Midas, no longer lured by dreams of riches, Took to the woods, became a nature-lover; Profit bitcoin olav slim worshipped Pan Ovid Such a mention of the ancient Greek god, Pan, hardly seems threatening. It certainly does not suggest that Pan was evil incarnate yet by approximately C.

To the Greeks, Pan was a shepherd: he was half goat and half man, a thing of nature certainly not the Antichrist or a being who was out to corrupt and steal men's souls. He was lusty; he played pipes and was therefore musical; and he was a god of nature. And though much is made in schools and textbooks of the major Olympian gods Zeus and the gang it is clear from archaeological evidence that Pan was the favorite god of the Greek people.

Perhaps this is what led Christian theologians to demonize Pan; they sensed a powerful competitor for the hearts of the people. This demonization was no accident, but rather a deliberate twisting of pagan ideals as Christianity spread its influence throughout Europe. There is some evidence to the contrary that in fact, Pan went the other way, and was associated with Jesus Christ. The connection may not be apparent at first: how can a "minor" god of the sizable Greek pantheon have anything to do with the central figure of a monotheistic, eschatological religion? The mere suggestion of this would get someone burned at the stake during the Spanish Inquisition. But the similarities are there. For example, they were both shepherds, after a fashion. Also, neither of them were entirely divine: Jesus was supposed to be one hundred percent divine and one hundred percent human simultaneously, and Pan was likewise a god and "also an earthly being, by virtue of his mother Dryope, his occupation, and his association with man.

This fusion of the human and divine in one creature has led many later Christian poets most notably Milton to describe Pan as a pagan prefiguration of Jesus Christ" Baker The crucial point here, however, is that such comparisons were made by poets and mostly poets who lived after the Reformation not by priests or bishops of the Church and certainly not by any of the popes. The obvious problem with comparing Pan to Jesus, in the Church's view, would be Pan's incredible virility. Jesus was never portrayed as a sexual being, and to this day people still feel traces of guilt about sex, as if it were an unholy act. Pan was unabashedly libidinous. A survey of statuary and bas-relief sculpture conducted by Fiona Pitt-Kethley left no doubt of this. In almost every instance she recorded, Pan's manhood was fully aroused, "though never Priapically endowed" xiii. With depictions such as these, Pan's image was obviously as far away from that of Jesus as another deity could get. No member of the clergy would ever dare to draw comparisons between them when the contrast was so evident, so the poets were alone in raising Pan to a Christ figure. But what is it about sexuality that makes Christianity so afraid of it, besides the fact that Jesus didn't seem to have any?

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One scholar believes that since Pan was "a phallic deity like his father [Hermes], he represented sexual desire, which can be both creative and destructive" Russell The Church still preaches loudly about the destructive power of sexual immorality, and pretty much leaves profit bitcoin olav slim creative aspect of it for granted. Since Pan's sexual nature was so evident, this might explain the Church's readiness to hold up Pan as an example of profound moral turpitude.

Pan's sexuality, when combined with his unwholesome visage, thus gave the ascetics exactly what they needed. Since he had never been attractive to begin with, and Christians were wont to associate ugliness with evil deformations and plagues of all kinds were seen as a punishment from God for sins committedPan became the image of the devil. Pan's entire physique was so gruesome to behold that the Church could almost point to Pan and say, "This is what happens to the sexually immoral. Pan wasn't the only pagan god getting his name besmirched at first.

Believing in only one God and forsaking all others, Christians had a tendency to equate all pagan deities with demons. Eusebius, writing in the early fourth century, was the first to take aim specifically at Pan. In responding to Plutarch's account of Pan's "death" during the reign of Tiberius who reigned during the time of Jesus' crucifixionEusebius interpreted the story as evidence that God had rid humankind of its biggest demon.

By the time of Eusebius, it might well have been natural to make such an equation; but according to A History of the Devil, such slander would have been impossible without the emergence of the Septuagint and the concept of a devil, period: The concept of the Devil was also aided by the development of the concept of evil demons. At first, demons are morally ambivalent like the gods. Then two groups of demons are distinguished, one good and the other evil. Finally, a shift in vocabulary occurs. In the Septuagint, the good spirits are called angels and the evil spirits demons wholly evil spiritual beings. These are now easily amalgamated with the Devil, either lending their traits to him, or being spirits subordinate s-a îmbogățit cineva investind bitcoin him Russell It is not difficult to see here how Pan's rampant sexuality so sinful to Christians made him an ideal candidate for demonization.

This defamation of a once pastoral god was part of a vast campaign of religious propaganda designed to put the fear of the devil where the fear of God didn't seem to work in the people's hearts for Christianity had several pantheons of old gods to conquer, and a personification of evil was efficacious in helping the process along. Thanks to Christianity, Pan literally became the world's biggest scapegoat. The conversion of pagan Europe to Christianity took up most of the first millennium; history shows that pagan converts had problems assimilating the ideas that violence and sensual pleasure were sinful.

However, the forcible conversion of the populace was being mirrored elsewhere at the same time, and the old cycle of violence burn, rape, and pillage one's way to the throne that had ruled since ancient times was curtailed enough so that civilization could begin. It had the suddenness of forty years. Limited to Europe, its drama lay in the deliverance from terror rather than terror itself" Renton But while Christianity might have been mildly effective in blunting Europe's taste for violence, it is clear that it had and still has difficulty blunting human sexuality.

With Pan and the other pagan gods, sexuality had always been something to be enjoyed and people took great delight in imitating the gods. Trying to quell one's desires and imitate the celibacy of Jesus was therefore a bit too much to ask even simply confining sexuality to marriage was and is a problem. No one felt this more keenly, apparently, than St. Augustine of Hippo, who rails at length in his Confessions about the perils of sexuality. He was the first to demonize Pan specifically for his sexuality approximately C. Augustine's ideas profit bitcoin olav slim brought to America by the Puritans centuries later; they thought that the devil, horned and goat-footed, actually lived in the forest around Plymouth. Of course, the myth of his deviltry was widely spread and emphasized throughout the Middle Ages. The Church did propagate the image of Pan as the devil to give an ugly face to all of Satan's temptations, but they were primarily concerned with snuffing out the libidinous nature of the populace else why not choose an even uglier creature to symbolize ultimate evil? As time went on, Pan's image as the devil continued to be reinforced--especially during the Renaissance, when ancient Greek and Roman gods regained some of their fame for awhile. The Church was anxious to prevent Pan from slipping back into his harmless nature, and so commissioned works of art appropriately: "Pan's knobbly horns Christian diabolization of pagan forms" Camille profit bitcoin olav slim This Pan-like image of Satan persists in fundamental denominations today, and can be seen in comic adaptations of C.

Lewis' The Screwtape Letters. A horned, goat-footed devil appeared in the movie Legend, and doubtless such caricatures pop up in horror movies as well. These silly ideas about the Pan-like image of Satan are all thanks to the pioneering efforts of Eusebius and Augustine, whose ideas were perpetuated and embellished by a horde of subsequent zealous clergymen. The Christian demonization of a randy but otherwise benign nature god seems quite clear to one living in a secular century, and it must have been irritating to those who believed in him if they realized the purpose behind it at the time. From all ancient sources and archaeological evidence, Pan was obviously a greatly revered, rather than greatly feared, being at one point. It was only the ascetic values of the Judeo-Christian tradition that doomed him to play the role of the ultimate bad guy.

Indeed, "it is a strange comment on a changed morality that this god Gods of the Woods, and Rural Deities. Who was Pan? He was a woodland deity, and was honored by the Romans as the god of shepherds and the patron of fishing and fowling. His origin is uncertain, but he is said by some authors to have been a son of Mercury and a nymph of Arcadia. How is Pan represented? As half man, and half goat, having a human head ornamented with horns, and a garland of pine: he holds in one hand a crooked staff, and in the other a pipe of uneven reeds. The music which he made on this rude instrument was so sweet as to cheer the gods. What famous action is related of Pan? When the Gauls, under their King Brennus, made an irruption into Greece, and were about to plunder the temple of Apollo at Delphi, Pan suddenly showed himself, and so terrified them [85] that they fled in disorder. Hence it comes that any sudden and unreasonable terror which spreads through an assemblage of persons, particularly an army, is called a panic. What was the origin of Pans reeds? A beautiful nymph, named Syrinx, was so persecuted by this god, that she prayed the waternymphs to help her, and change her into reeds, which they did. Pan saw the transformation, and was much grieved. He took some of the reeds away for a remembrance. On applying them to his lips, he found they produced the most melodious sounds, so that he formed them into a rustic pipe.

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Milk and honey were offered to Pan. Who were these? They were hideous monsters who dwelt in forests, and were, like Pan, half man and half goat. Goddesses of the Woods. Who were the Nymphs? They were graceful young women who attended on Diana and the greater goddesses. Some, also, had charge of certain fountains and rivers, and were called Naiades; the nymphs of Ocean were Nereides and Oceanides. The Oreades were mountain nymphs, and others presided over groves and even single trees.

What were the woodland nymphs called? Those who watched over the forests, and always lived among the trees, were called Dryades, from a Greek word which means an oak; the Hamadryades were so called because they were [91] attached, each to some particular oak. The Hamadryad was born with the tree, flourished and died with it. This belief lingered for a long time amid the German forests, as also the superstition about water spirits. Who was Neptune? He was the son of Saturn and Ops, and was worshipped as the god of the sea, and the father of rivers and fountains. How is he represented? As standing upright in a chariot made of a sea-shell; for a sceptre, he holds a trident, that is, a fork with three barbed tines; he is arrayed in a blue mantle, and is generally accompanied by his queen Amphitrite. Neptunes chariot is drawn by sea-horses, and his attendants, who swim on either side, are human only to the waist, the body terminating like that of a fish. Whenever Neptunes chariot moved upon the waters, the sea grew calm, and tempests were appeased.

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What were the offices of Neptune? He conducted ships safely to port, and presided over horse-races. Why was he supposed to preside over horses? In memory of his contest with Minerva, when he produced a horse by striking on the ground with his trident. Neptune was obliged by Jupiter to aid Apollo in building the walls of Troy. How was Neptune worshipped? Neptune had an altar in the Circus at Rome where sacrifices were offered, and plays were acted, representing the carrying off of the Sabine women. The profit bitcoin olav slim games in honor of this god were called Consualia, and were celebrated in the month of March. While these lasted, horses were released from work, and mules were adorned with garlands. Who were the most remarkable of Neptunes children? Triton, and Phorcus or Proteus. What is told of Phorcus? He was vanquished by Atlas, and drowned in the sea; after which the people worshipped him as a god.

There was another Phorcus who had three daughters, concerning whom a remarkable circumstance is related. The sisters had but one eye for their common use; each one wore it in turn, in the middle of her forehead. They were the guardians of the Gorgons, of whom Medusa was one. For what was Proteus remarkable? For his power of transforming himself instantaneously into any shape he wished. Who was Triton? He was the son of Neptune and Amphitrite, and was his fathers companion and trumpeter. The upper half of his body was like that of a man, but below the waist he resembled a fish; his tail was cleft and crooked, and his hair resembled wild parsley. What other sea-monsters were celebrated? The Sirens, also Scylla, and Charybdis. Who were the Sirens? They were monsters who had the faces of women, but the bodies of flying-fish; they dwelt near the promontory of Peloris, or in islands called Sirenus, south of Italy. By the magical sweetness of their singing, they allured all who sailed by those coasts; and after they had lulled them into a trance, drowned them in the sea.

What was there remarkable in the songs of the Sirens? They blended the notes of different musical instruments with their voices, and adapted the style and matter of their songs to the inclination of their hearers. They had bold and stirring strains to entice the ambitious, softer melodies for the lovers of pleasure, and with still different notes, they drew on the covetous to their destruction. Did any escape who passed those coasts? History mentions only two; Ulysses and Orpheus. The first was warned against the danger by the enchantress Circe; he therefore stopped the ears of his companions with wax, and had himself firmly bound to the mast of the ship, by which means he passed the fatal coasts in safety. Orpheus overcame them in their own art; for he sang the praises of the gods, accompanying himself upon his lyre, and made such divine melody that the music of the Sirens attracted no attention. The Fates had decreed that the Sirens should live until someone who passed by, had listened to their songs unmoved.

When they saw themselves overcome by Orpheus, they knew that their hour had come, and flung themselves headlong into the sea, where they were transformed into rocks. Who was Circe? She was a skillful enchantress. Having poisoned her husband, the king of the Sarmatians, she was obliged to fly into Italy, where she fixed her dwelling on the promontory Circum. She presented to all travellers an enchanted cup; and after they had drunk, transformed them into wolves, swine or other. Ulysses escaped by throwing an herb into the cup, which rendered it powerless; he then rushed upon the sorceress with his sword, and forced her to restore his companions whom she had transformed. After this, Circe entertained Ulysses in a friendly manner. What did the poets endeavor to teach by the fables of the Sirens song, and the cup of Circe? They wished to signify by the singing of the Sirens, the allurements of vice, and the dangers of listening to its seductions; by the story of Circe, they showed that when men drink of the cup of sensual pleasure, they become soon degraded to the level of the beasts. Who was Scylla? The fable relates that she was the daughter of Phorcus, and that she was transformed by the jealousy of Circe, into a frightful monster.

Scylla was so much grieved by this transformation, that she cast herself into the sea, where she was changed into a rock, made famous by the many shipwrecks profit bitcoin olav slim occurred upon it. Over against this rock is the whirlpool of Charybdis, about which the crypto trading lifo relate a similar fable. They say that Charybdis was a very ravenous woman, who stole Herculess oxen. For this theft, Jupiter struck her dead with a thunderbolt, and changed her into the whirlpool which bears her name. The ancients placed Scylla and Charybdis in the straits of Messina. It was considered a great feat to steer successfully between them.

Were there any fabulous monsters besides those of Hell? Yes, many; the Centaurs, who were half man and half horse; also Geryon, who was king of the three Balearic Islands, now known as Ivica, Profit bitcoin olav slim and Majorca. For this reason, he was said to have three heads and three bodies, and passed into fable as a monster. He was probably a wicked and cruel prince.

There were also the Harpies, which had the faces of women and the bodies of birds. What was the Chimra? A fabulous monster, which vomited fire. It had the head and breast of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a dragon. What was intended by this fable?

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Poets thus described a volcano in Lycia, on the summit of which were lions; in the middle was pasture-land frequented by goats; and the lowest part was infested by serpents. Bellerophon made this mountain inhabitable, and was therefore said to have killed the Chimra. At present [] anything which is quite imaginary is called a Chimra. What was the Sphinx? It was a monster with the head and shoulders of a woman, the wings of a bird, and the paws of a lion. She infested the country about Thebes, so that the people, in their distress, went to consult the oracle of Apollo. An answer was given that no remedy could be found until some one should solve the riddle that the Sphinx had proposed, and which she had learned from the Muses. The question was this: What animal is that which goes on four feet in the morning, on two at noon, and on three in the evening?

The Thebans often met to try their skill, and when they had failed, the Sphinx carried off and devoured one of their number. At length Hmon, son of Creon, was destroyed by the monster, and the king made a public proclamation, that he would give the throne, with the hand of his sister Jocasta, to that man who should solve the riddle. Upon hearing this answer, the Sphinx dashed her head against a rock, and expired. Why is the story of the Sphinx interesting? Because there still remains in Egypt an [] enormous statue of the monster, carved in solid rock. Formerly, little was visible save the head and neck, but the sand which has been gathering around it for so many centuries, is now cleared away. The body is one hundred and twenty-five feet long; and the fore-paws extend about fifty feet more. The face has been much disfigured by the arrows and lances of the Arabs, who are taught by their religion to hold all images of men or animals in detestation.

What was the Phnix? A fabulous bird of which there never existed more than one at the same time. It excelled all other birds in beauty of plumage, and fed only on frankincense and sweet gums. When the Phnix had attained the age of five hundred years, it built a funeral pile of odorous wood, on which it was consumed. A new Phnix also immediately arose from the flames. The first care of the young bird was to collect the ashes of its parent, which it carried, enclosed in myrrh, to the temple of the Sun in Egypt. Zeus and the other Greek gods on Mount Olympus, from Aphrodite to Poseidon, are familiar characters to many readers. The Greek stories of gods, heroes and monsters are told and retold around the world even today.

The earliest known versions of these myths date back more than 2, years, appearing in written form in the works of the Greek poets Homer and Hesiod. But some of these myths are much older.

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Indeed, the Greeks borrowed some of their best material from other, more ancient stories. Pegasus Long ago, the young Greek hero Perseus set out on a seemingly impossible quest: to slay the hideous Medusa. With a head covered in snakes instead of hair, Medusa was so ugly that anyone who looked at her turned to stone. For many days, Perseus traveled in search of Medusa. Finally, he found her and her two sisters resting among the statues of other heroes, all turned to stone by Medusa's gaze. But Perseus had consulted the gods and knew how to defeat the monster. Looking only at Medusa's reflection in a polished shield, Perseus chopped off her horrible head with a sickle. The winged horse Pegasus sprang from Medusa's neck. Medusa's two sisters were furious and chased after Perseus.

But Pegasus allowed the hero to climb on his back, and the two flew away to safety. Loyal Companion The white, winged horse Pegasus is only a minor character in Greek myths, serving as the loyal steed and companion to the heroes Perseus and Bellerophon as they battle with monsters. Although Pegasus doesn't show up in many myths, he was a favorite subject of Greek artists.

Even today, Pegasus is among the most popular images from Greek myth, appearing on everything from corporate logos to figures on carousels. Indeed, Pegasus is so well known that today all winged horses are called "pegasi. At a Glance: Pegasus Pegasus was the son of the monster Medusa and Poseidon, the god of the seas and of horses. Pegasus was kind, helpful, and never greedy. The constellation named after him even shares a star with the constellation of Andromeda, a maiden he helped save. White horse with wings. Pegasus allowed only two mortals to ride him: the heroes Perseus and Bellerophon.

A Hero's Horse A long time ago, the Greek hero Bellerophon set out to kill the fire-breathing Chimera, a beast with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail. The goddess Athena helped Bellerophon tame Pegasus, and with the winged horse's aid, Bellerophon killed the monster. After this glorious victory, Bellerophon thought himself the equal of the gods and urged Pegasus to fly him to Mount Olympus. But Bellerophon's arrogance enraged the gods. Zeus sent a fly to bite Pegasus, causing him to rear back and sending Bellerophon hurtling to the ground. Pegasus remained at Olympus for the rest of his life, carrying Zeus's lightning bolts on his back. And when Pegasus died, Zeus transformed him into a constellation, which can be seen to this day. Coins Stories of Pegasus were particularly popular in the ancient city of Corinth, Greece. The winged horse was used as the city's emblem and appeared on coins of the city for hundreds of years. Carved Pegasus A carved Pegasus figure, made by artist Joe Leonard for a private collector, is styled after the animals found on carousels.

The statue's wings, however, would make it impossible for anyone to sit on the creature's back. Greek Sphinx Many years ago, the Sphinx sat in front of the gates to the ancient Greek city of Thebes. The Sphinx was a terrible monster with a lion's body and a woman's head -- and a fondness for riddles. She asked a question of everyone who passed, eating anyone who couldn't answer. But one day a clever man named Oedipus came along and gave the answer "man. Distraught over being outwitted, the Sphinx threw herself off her high perch and died on the road below. Today, Greek myths are widely told outside of Greece--and the stories have left their mark on various cultures around the world.

But many of the stories we think of as Greek myths actually have roots in other ancient cultures. For instance, at least 4, years ago profit bitcoin olav slim more than 2, years before Sophocles wrote of the Sphinx -- Egyptian artists carved half-human, half-lion statues out of profit bitcoin olav slim. And some 3, years ago, artists in Mesopotamia depicted similar creatures and may have transmitted the image to Greece.

At a Glance: Greek Sphinx The Greek Sphinx was aggressive and hostile, often attacking and snacking on people who passed by. Head and torso of a woman. Unlike the halflion, half-woman Sphinx of Greek myth, the Great Sphinx combines the body of a lion with the head of a man-King Khafre, the ruler of Egypt at that time. Other Egyptian sphinxes, however, have the heads of rams or falcons.

And while the Sphinx of Greek myth is cruel and aggressive, Egyptian sphinxes are considered benign symbols of powerful rulers. Greek mythology 's impact on modern societies cannot be understated. Modern language, industry, arts and culture all demonstrate the impact of Greek mythology in today 's world. For example, most people who have no formal knowledge of Greek mythology still know that Hercules was a strongman and that Venus the Roman version of the Greek Aphrodite is the goddess of love. The Impact of Greek Mythology on Language. Very few people speak ancient Greek on a regular basis, but Greek mythology has shaped English and other languages on many levels. A "Herculean task, " for example, is one that requires great effort. This phrase comes from a myth about the Twelve Labors of Hercules. The drug morphine takes its name from the Greek God of Sleep, Morpheus. The goddess of love fares better in the term "aphrodisiac ", referring to any substance or circumstance that arouses sexual desire. To this day, an unpleasant woman may be called a "harpy " a winged monster with a woman 's torso and a bird 's feet. Alternately, a handsome man is an "Adonis, " the mortal man so beautiful that Aphrodite herself fell in love with him. We call computer viruses "Trojans, " a rather unfair comparison with the Trojans, as we 're actually referring to the Greek-built Trojan horse, used by the Greeks to infiltrate Troy and end the Trojan War.

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The impact of Greek mythology on western culture and language isn 't confined to individual words. Many expressions, proverbs and clichs are direct references to ancient Greek myths. For example, the expressions "caught between a rock and a hard place " and "between profit bitcoin olav slim Devil and the deep blue sea " both come from tales about sailors being caught between the monsters Scylla and Charybdis of Greek mythology. Other common expressions that demonstrate Greek mythology 's impact on modern societies include: an Achilles heel a single fatal vulnerability having the Midas touch everything turns to gold lying in the arms of Morpheus sleeping tranzacționează camper bitcoin Pandora 's Box unlocking a world of trouble rich as Croesus Croesus was known profit bitcoin olav slim his wealth the face that launched a thousand ships a woman worth going to war for. Cultural Impact of Greek Mythology in the West. Greek mythology 's impact on modern societies is often seen in the arts and popular culture. In the s, the câștiga mai mulți bani în singapore rock band The Bangles had a top ten hit with the single Venus. Profit bitcoin olav slim shows and movies, such as Disney 's Hercules, have also reintroduced mythological figures to new generations, including characters such as Hades, the Lord of the Underworld.

In fact, movies have been retelling versions of Hercule 's story since the s. Some of the most famous works of art and literature demonstrate the impact of Greek mythology on western culture. Botticelli 's The Birth of Venus is one of the world 's most recognizable paintings.

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Operas often delve into Greek mythology, as well. Offenbach 's Orpheus in the Underworld is one of the most famous examples. Great writers such as Dante, Shakespeare and Milton make frequent references to Greek mythology, so much so that an understanding of Greek myths is necessary to truly appreciate their works. Science and Greek Mythology. Greek mythology 's impact on modern societies can be seen on any clear night.

Many constellations are named after characters or monsters from Greek myths, including Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Hercules and Gemini. All of the planets and most of the moons in the solar system are also named after Greek mythological characters, although the planets have been given Roman versions of the Greek names. Even our Earth was named after a Greek myth: Another name for our planet is "Gaia, " the name of the Greek earth mother.

Signs of Greek Mythology in Modern Societies. The names of Greek mythology surround us today, sometimes in unusual places. Would Ajax, one of the great Greek heroes of The Iliad, be happy knowing he 's the namesake for a popular cleaning product? Ar putea fi amuzant, dar manga este mult mai bun decât anime. Cu toate acestea, dacă nu citiți manga în primul rând, ar trebui să vă bucurați de ecranizare.

Este producția aceluiași autor care a creat Nana și în plus rămâne la un nivel similar. Realismul domină din nou. Aici, nimic nu se termină ca într-un basm. Cui îi servește acest tip de demonizare? Păi poate altor foști miniștri de finanțe, al căror singur merit care i-a dus pe post este că au fost trezorieri de bani ciordiți ai politicienilor. Sper să mă dea în judecată și ăsta, înseamnă că se recunoaște în poză!

În realitate, agricultura poate să devină catalizatorul principal de dezvoltare economică a României. Colateral, s-ar dezvolta o mulțime de afaceri: industria alimentară, energia din biomasă, construcțiile, logistica, absolut orice! Când jumătate din țara asta — zona rurală — va ieși definitiv din sărăcie, asta ar putea să antreneze un cerc virtuos economic care să facă posibile cifrele de mai sus. Iar costurile pentru bugetul public ar fi chiar mici, uneori aproape de zero. Din nou, dincolo de clișeele stupide, e în zona rurală o masă critică uriașă de oameni care nu votează PSD sau o face cu lehamite, doar pentru că alții nici măcar atât nu-i bagă în seamă. S-a văzut asta la alegerile dincând nici Facebook și nici măcar diaspora n-au fost decisive în alegerea lui Klaus Iohannis ci ruralul din toată țara, inclusiv din Giurgiu și Teleorman!

Și de fapt și asta este general-valabil. Alegerile din le va putea câștiga partidul care vine de acum fie că este deja la putere fie că se pregătește temeinic din opoziție, chiar și ne-parlamentară cu un program de dezvoltare ambițios, care să-și propună recuperarea în ritm accelerat a decalajelor de dezvoltare. Care să vină cu un plan de creștere economică sau, și mai bine, de creștere a veniturilor cât mai apropiată de două cifre pe an. Și care să și propună să aducă înapoi cât mai mulți dintre cei 3,5 milioane de români care muncesc afară, cu tot cu PIB-ul rătăcit pe care ei îl produc, fie pe salarii bune fie ca investitori.

Nu cu prostii de genul celor Să vină cu un program minuțios care presupune — în primul rând din partea lor — muncă, răspundere, muncă, empatie, muncă, competență, muncă, curaj și multă, multă muncă. Grindeanu, dacă vă amintiți a pomenit despre faptul că principalul dezacord cu "echipa lui Dragnea" a fost legată de problema cu Rusia, cu care cei din Telerman doresc tare de tot să strângă legăturile, deși suntem în UE și NATO și trebuie să respectăm regimul european al sancțiunilor impuse Rusiei, altfel am putea fi acuzați de trădare și izolați complet.

Se pare că PSD exact asta urmărește, ca dovadă se infuzează "noul" guvern numai și numai cu conserve rusești, de la vârf în jos, că doar n-a nimenit orbu Brăila lui Tudose degeaba Ministrul propus al Comunicațiilor, Lucian Șova, a explicat jurnaliștilor, după audierea sa în comisiile de specialitate din Parlament, cum a ajuns să fie asociat cu omul de afaceri Boris Golovin, de la GRU - spionajul armatei ruse - extrem de apropiat de Dan Ioan Popescu, Hrebenciuc, SOV. După audieri, Șova a repetat în fața ziariștilor: "Am aflat că Boris Golovin este spion rus - n. Deci ministrul comunicațiilor propus de PSD nu știa nici "goagl" ăla a lu Vanghele să-l utilizeze, neicușorul, ce pui mic era el. Urmarea: "Lucian Șova a fost avizat de comisiile de specialitate cu 13 voturi pentru și 7 împotrivă" Romania intra in procesul de emergenta al frontierei central europene fie ca vrea fie ca nu iar acest proces va determina prefaceri profunde ale sistemului de aparare si securitate. Se adauga interventia masiva in acest proces - mediata tot de fostul Aparat - a unor forte si grupari straine, cea mai masiva si mai coerenta forta fiind reprezentata de reteaua reprezentantilor unor institutii cu caracter militar din Rusia. Un mare numar de cadre de comanda ale Armatei au fost recrutate in perioada anilor 60 in timpul stagiilor de pregatire la Academiile sovietice.

Aceste cadre au condus mari unitati si au avut in legatura un numar important de ofiteri din sistem. DupaMoscova a revenit in forta in Romania. Domenii industriale cheie sunt achizitionate, controlul energetic se inaspreste, Romania plateste cel mai mare pret pe gaze etc. Toate acestea exprima un interes geopolitic realizat exclusiv prin intermediul agenturii profit bitcoin olav slim infiltrate in structurile de Partid si in aparatul Securitatii. Toate marile privatizari din Romania au fost executate dupa acelasi sablon. In toate se observa influenta membrilor retelei. Rusia duce o ofensiva politica, economica si militara la nivel mondial pentru recastigarea statutului de putere globala. Reteaua agenturii rusesti din Romania este foarte complexa si include mii de colaboratori, inclusiv si mai ales din randurile cetatenilor din R. Mai in profunzime se gasesc centre de comanda, unde activeaza persoane cu vechime, unii de peste doua-trei decenii, cum este cazul lui Mark Rich. O schita sumara evidentiaza intersectia dintre liniile de actiune in spatiul economic, politic si media. Sunt direct implicate in penetrarea si preluarea unor ramuri strategice firme ale unor fosti si actuali ofiteri de informatii din Rusia, Romania si Israel dintre care se remarca mai ales Mark Rich, cel care a stat la baza ascensiunii multora dintre oligarhii rusi. Mark Rich, prezent de mai bine de 30 de ani in spatiul romanesc este numitorul comun al oligarhilor rusi cu interese in Romania.

La inceputul anilor '80 Mark Rich printr-una din firmele sale, Philip Brader's, care a detinut monopolul exporturilor de neferoase din Romania a cumparat toata productia anuala de aluminiu si cupru a Romaniei pentru a da un tun in SUA. Tunul i-a reusit si s-a umplut de multi bani. Rich a revenit in anii '90 la Bucuresti incercand sa preia Hotelul Athene Palace.

Atat Rich cat si FrankTimis evreu de origine ca si Rich sunt adanc implicati si in industria petrolului si gazelor din Romania. Dar si in spatiul rusesc. Frank Timis si-a inceput in afacerile petroliere din Ucraina, iar Rich era la un moment dat cel mai mare dealer de aluminiu si petrol din Rusia. La noi, acum, Timis, prin Regal Petroleum, detine cel mai important rezervor de gaze din Romania, dupa cel detinut de Compania Romgaz. Regal are doua licente de exploatare pe o arie care totalizeaza 10, km patrati. Lovitura a zguduit toate economiile fostelor state socialiste inca aflate in conexiune cu Rusia. Rich a fost asociat cu figuri inalte din partidul comunist si din KGB. Cei care-l ajutau pe Rich primeau comisioane in conturi din Elvetia, tara identificata drept un centru important de spalare a fondurilor rusesti. Mark Rich, adevaratul boss din spatele lui Frank Timis si Tender, partenerul lui Timis, au fost parteneri si cu Dick Cheney, vicepresedintele american, proprietar si la Halliburton, care se asociase la un moment dat cu cei de mai sus, incercand sa preia Petrom. Servicii din Romania, Rusia, Israel s. Rich a fost cel care i-a invatat pe oligarhii rusi sa ocoleasca legile prin suveici internationale de companii off-shore si conturi anonime elvetiene.

Tot in Zug sunt inregistrate si companiile paravan profit bitcoin olav slim care oligarhii rusi au preluat o felie din economia Romaniei. Ulterior, firma si-a schimbat numele in Glencore International AG. Conform Jospeh D. Douglas, expert in probleme privind securitatea nationala si fost cadru al Agentiei pentru Proiecte Avansate de Aparare a Departamentului de Aparare, Rich a jucat un rol important in operatiunile ce au facilitat nomenclaturii Partidului Comunist mentinerea controlului asupra Rusiei si a restului Uniunii Sovietice, dupa asazisa prabusire a conducerii comuniste. Pe 23 augustNikolai Kruchin, directorul administrativ al Partidului Comunist Sovietic, a dat publicitatii un material intitulat "Masuri de Urgenta pentru organizarea activitatii economice comerciale si exterioare a partidului" care presupuneau folosirea unor companii mixte cu Vestul pentru a crea sistematic structuri ale unei economii de partid invizibile. Un an mai tarziu, seful KGB, Vladimir Kryuchkov, a emis un ordin prin care definea noua misiune a agentiei ca fiind aceea de a apara "reformele economice" impotriva noilor elemente criminale, in fapt apararea economiei de partid invizibile. Spectaculoasa si corupta cariera a lui Hammer a fost ajutata in numeroase moduri de catre senatorul de Tennessee, Albert Gore, care era partener al acestuia in numeroase afaceri pentru mai mult de patru decenii.

Imediat dupa demantelarea URSS, serviciile de spionaj ruse si-au reorientat o buna parte din activitati in campul comercial si industrial prin firme profit bitcoin olav slim au devenit foarte repede dominante in sistemul economic al noii Rusii. Zona de frontiera - Republica Moldova - a devenit o baza puternica de lansare catre Vest. Un numar de mari afaceristi romani au devenit mai bogati datorita contactului cu rusii via "fratii moldoveni".

Si Sorin Ovidiu Vintu beneficiaza insa de consilierea unor moldoveni mai putin faimosi, dar foarte operativi. Voiculescu deasemenea s-a bucurat de oficii similare. Din orientarea si concentrarea fortelor ruse in Basarabia, in spatiul de afaceri si nu numai, se poate estima intentia Rusiei de a-si largi aria de cuprindere si asupra restului teritoriului romanesc. Revansa ruseasca, dupa izgonirea, pe moment, indin Balcani, va avea loc prin incercarea de obtinere a controlului energetic in regiunea sud est europeana in care se afla si Romania. Oligarhii rusi au intrat puternic in Romania pe numeroase aliniamente, intai in armura industriala si apoi in zona petroliera. Astfel gigantica firma ruseasca, cea pe care se bazeaza noua strategie imperiala a Rusiei vinde gaze in Romania printr-un intermediar rus, sustinand astfel afacerile firmelor rusesti in Romania.

Acestor firme li se adauga "Petrotel LUKOIL" SA Ploiesti, care a fost protagonista unor scandaluri de rasunet legate de traficul ilegal de produse petrolier practicat de aceasta rafinarie. Alekperov, s-a intalnit cu Adrian Nastase. Cu aceasta ocazie, Nastase a apreciat "rolul important" pe care LUKOIL il joaca pe piata petrolului romanesc, iar Alekperov s - a plans ca firma are probleme economice. La cererea companiei ruse Guvernul Nastase, in vara luia sters penalitatile pe care LUKOIL le datora catre buget, de aproape 3 milioane dolari, facilitate de care nu au beneficiat companii straine cu renume occidentale, precum OMV sau Shell. Pachetul majoritar al actiunilor Companiei Alum Tulcea a fost achizitionat de firma Pioche Consultants Ltd, inregistrata in Belize, dar de fapt, in spatele off shore-ului este un consortiu format din Marco International, Marco Acquisitions din Anglia si Conef din Bucuresti.

Marco International este condusa de rusul Vitali Matsitski, la randul sau apropiat al lui Victor Pinciuk, ginerele fostului presedinte ucrainean Leonid Kucima. Companiile lui Viktor Pinciuk si ale lui Renat Profit bitcoin olav slim, patronul clubului de fotbal Sahtior Donetk, controleaza industria din Bazinul Donbas, societatea Krivorijstal, cea mai importanta fabrica de otel din Ucraina, precum si combinatul siderurgic Dzerjinski si fabrica de feroaliaje de la Nikopol. Rusii au cumparat si societatea tulceana Feral, singurul producator de feroaliaje din Romania, achizitionata de Compania Feral UK Ltd, cu capital ucrainean, tot din Marea Britanie. Aceasta este administrata de Olexii Martinov, care face parte de asemenea din anturajul ginerelui lui Kucima, Victor Pinciuk, casatorit cu Olena Kucima. Pinciuk controleaza capacitatile siderurgiei ucrainene si are nevoie de canalul Bastroe, pentru a-si transporta fabricatele spre Europa occidentala. Importanti demnitari ucraineni proveniti din fostul KGB au demonstrat interese directe in realizarea canalului Bastroe.

Deripaska Oleg Vladimirovici. Avere - 4,5 miliarde de dolari. Originar din tinutul Krasnodar, Deripaska a devenit oligarh la 24 de ani, cand a inceput sa se ocupe de afaceri cu aluminiu in componenta echipei lui Soskovet in anul In luna noiembrie Deripaska cu sprijinul lui Lisin a devenit directorul general al uzinei de aluminiu din Sainsk. Pecenkin, fostul adjunct al directorului FSB anii - Acesta se ocupa de afaceri cu uraniu - respectiv vindea catre SUA materiale extrase din rachetele nucleare rusesti, date la topit. Cauza succesului in afaceri a lui Deripaska este simplu de explicat - in spatele sau se afla oameni seriosi de la Lubianka. In perioada mandatului lui Boris Eltin, Anatoli Ciubais a cripto trader bot de mai multe ori vicepremier, ministru de Finante si sef al Administratiei Prezidentiale. Ciubais este deosebit de implicat in politica Moldovei - prin omul sau de casa fostul sef al SIS moldovenesc Valeriu Pasat si are importante investitii imobiliare si in Romania.

Societatea Feral UK Ltd. Feral UK Ltd intentioneaza sa achizitioneze infrastructura societatii Deltanav, tot din Tulcea, astfel incat sa poata controla si intreaga activitate portuara, dar si transporturile fluviale si catre mare din acest port. In la invitatia ginerelui presedintelui Leonid Kucima, Viktor Pinciuk, la Kiev a sosit intr-o vizita de doua zile George Bush senior care s-a intalnit cu seful statului si cu membri ai guvernului. Deplasarea a avut menirea de a lustrui imaginea familiei Kucima. Ginerele acestuia, pana nu demult un mediocru om de afaceri din Dnepropetrovsk, in prezent un prosper miliardar, intentiona sa-si creeze o imagine internationala in ajunul plecarii socrului din fotoliul prezidential. Pinciuk a fost initiatorul si altor vizite americane - miliardarul George Soros si politologul Zbigniew Brzezinski. Pachetul majoritar al actiunilor Companiei Alum Tulcea a fost achizitionat de firma Pioche Consultants Ltd, inregistrata in Belize, dar de fapt, in spatele off shor-ului este un consortiu format din Marco International, Marco Acquisitions din Anglia si Conef din Bucuresti, care isi anuntasera in mai multe randuri intentia de a achizitiona societatea din Tulcea.

Dezvoltarea retelei de desfacere a aluminei catre alti parteneri bloca interesele rusilor de la consortiul Marco si, o data cu dezvoltarea combinatului, acestia l-au achizitionat. Noul proprietar a achitat pentru SC Alum 7,3 milioane de dolari, in timp ce patrimoniul combinatului este estimat la mai mult de 45 milioane de euro, iar profitul pe anul trecut depaseste trei milioane de euro.

Vitali Matsitski este si proprietarul Grupului de firme Rinko, specializat in productia petroliera, si are o avere estimata la peste zece miliarde de dolari. Societatea din Tulcea este unul dintre principalii furnizori de materie prima profit bitcoin olav slim ALRO Slatina, si a intrat in proprietatea grupului Balli din Marea Britanie in anul Balli este un grup international de companii, cu sediul la Londra si reprezentante in peste 20 de tari. Aceasta este administrata de Olexii Martinov, care face parte din anturajul ginerelui lui Kucima, Victor Pinciuk. Privatizarile in beneficiul lui Igor Ziuzin, au fost volum de tranzacționare bitcoin în bitcoin si executate in principal de Guvernul Adrian Nastase.

Vitali Machitski si Oleg Deripaska, au preluat intreaga industrie de aluminiu din Romania in urma unor procese de privatizare realizate tot in timpul regimului Iliescu-Nastase, dintre care cel de la ALRO Slatina a fost investigat oficial, fara a se da curs concluziilor procurorilor. Cernoi se afla in spatele rafinariei Rafo Profit bitcoin olav slim - care a beneficiat de facilitati fiscale acordate de statul roman, tot in timpul lui Nastase. Marc Rich este elementul de legatura dintre oligarhii rusi pomeniti mai sus. De Rich se mai leaga si numele lui Mikhail Fridman, magnat care detine Alfa Group, finantatorul celor mai importanti oligarhi rusi cu interese in Romania. Rich e activ in pietele petrolului, aluminiului, metalurgiei, agriculturii si, mai nou, cea imobiliara. In Romania Petre Roman a fost un om cheie pentru Rich. La esaloanele inferioare ale puterii, afaceristul a utilizat mai ales securistii din comertul exterior. Imediat dupael a profit bitcoin olav slim reprezentat in Romania de Florian Stoica, fost director in Ministerul Comertului Exterior si ex-ambasador in Sudan. Rich a intermediat exporturi de grane din SUA in Romania, inca de la finele anilor '80, in cadrul unui program subventionat de statul american.

Rich a intermediat si vanzarile de petrol ale regimului Ceausescu, iar ulterior, cu sprijinul autoritatilor romane, a SRI si cu protectia lui Iliescu a incalcat embargoul impus Iugoslaviei la inceputul anilor '90, livrand regimului Milosevici cupru si petrol. Pretextul a oferit oportunitatea solicitarii unor mari sume de bani statului roman. Interesele lui Marc Rich sunt prezente in Romania prin mai multe antene, printre care cea mai vizibila este firma Glencore Romania, controlata de australianul Steven Frank Kamlin, vicepresedintele companiei-mama Glencore International AG din Zug.

Kamlin conduce in Elvetia mai multe dintre ramificatiile corporatiei lui Rich. Prima, profilata pe transporturi, este implicata in operatiunile de comert ale Glencore desfasurate in zona. A doua, un trader de deseuri metalice neferoase si cereale, este operator portuar, exploatand o dana la Agigea. Timp de multi ani, reprezentantul Glencore in regiunea balcanica a fost bulgarul Stamen Stantchev. Acuzat de spionaj in Romania, in dosarul privatizarilor din energie, Stantchev a fost ofiter de informatii in Armata bulgara. Glencore este unul dintre principalii furnizori de titei catre RAFO Onesti si Petrom si a primit contracte de stat si la Termoelectrica - pentru pacura. Dupa retehnologizare, Rich a devenit furnizor de titei pentru rafinarie, preluand produsele petroliere. Pana inRich a luat la suta din ce se prelucra la Petromidia, iar restul, compania petroliera de stat. Strothotte, anunta perfectarea consortiului Glencore-Grivco-Metanef firma lui Margineanu.

Trioul punea la bataie de milioane de dolari pentru privatizari in Romania in petrol si metalurgie feroasa si neferoasa. Voiculescu si paravanul lui Rich s-au inscris in cursa pentru Petromidia, rafinaria ravnita de magnat inca dupa Revolutie. In perioadaRich "a pierdut " cursa in fata Rompetrolului lui Dinu Patriciu. Glencore a pierdut si cursa pentru Petrom, care a revenit, in anulaustriecilor de la OMV. Deripaska un "soldat" al presedintelui Vladimir Putin a penetrat in afacerile cu aluminiu in umbra escrocilor internationali, Marc Rich si Mihail Cernoi. Este sotul nepoatei lui Boris Eltin, fostul presedinte al Rusiei. A devenit unul dintre apropiatii lui Vladimir Putin. Beneficiind de sustinerea Kremlinului, la doar 39 de ani, Deripaska a ajuns cel mai bogat oligarh al Rusiei. InDeripaska a vandut compania Sibneft catre Gazprom 13 miliarde de dolari. In prezent, magnatul controleaza oficial grupul Ruskii Aluminii Rusalcel mai mare concern din industria ruseasca a laminatelor, unde are actiuni si Roman Abramovici, patronul clubului Chelsea. In Rusal, au avut interese atat Marc Rich, cat si Mihail Cernoi, un alt personaj controversat al oligarhiei postsovietice. Casuta postala a fost investigata de politia din Liechtenstein cu privire la conexiunile dintre Deripaska, Mihail Cernoi si Iskander Mahmudov - personaj prezent si in afacerea Rafo Onesti.

Alor, singurul producator de alumina tubulara din Europa, a fost inchis. Deripaska mai detine si producatorul de autoturisme GAZ, fabrica de avioane Aviacor, Ingosstrakh - companie de asigurari si grupul RusPromAuto autobuzegrup implicat in Romania, intr-o afacere de anvergura, derulata prin fosta intreprindere de stat UCM Resita. Fuziunea a fost aprobata in prealabil de Vladimir Putin. Firma elvetiana Glencore, infiintata in Zug de Marc Rich, participa in giganticul concern cu propriile active de aluminiu. Glencore actioneaza pe piata mondiala, in general, ca trader de petrol. Politica de monopol dezvoltata de Deripaska si Rich se reflecta si in Romania. Tentativa lui Deripaska de a prelua in bloc industria autohtona de aluminiu este continuata de proiectul preluarii uzinei Daewoo de la Craiova, cu concursul direct si interesat al guvernului Tariceanu. Negocierile dintre acesta din urma si Oleg Deripaska sunt mai vechi. La randul sau, in Zug, Machitski a parafat legaturi cu Marc Rich. La fel, si fostul angajat al lui Machitski, Alexander Krasner. Acesta, tot ruso-israelian, s-a ocupat in de preluarea efectiva a Alro de catre Machitski. Imediat, Krasner a devenit presedintele combinatului slatinean, din noiembrie pana in Combinatele romanesti au fost cumparate prin ce este releu pentru tranzacționarea criptografică descentralizată Conares Trading, care a operat pana de curand in numele grupului Mechel.

Ei aprovizionau Uzina Metalurgica Celiabinsk, un colos din era sovietica, al doilea ca marime din Rusia, uzina detinuta de compania Glencore, a lui Marc Rich. Reprezentantul din Romania al lui Ziuzin, Boris Golovin, este atat promotorul intereselor lui Deripaska in tara noastra cat si al TVEL Corporation, mare corporatie rusa de stat in domeniul nuclear. Golovin, nascut in Republica Moldova, a fost ofiter al trupelor speciale din cadrul GRU, a luptat in Afganistan, stie bine limba romana si este implicat mai toate afacerile cu energie - si nu numai - din Romania.

Conexiunile de afaceri ale lui Boris Golovin includ moguli ai energiei cum ar fi Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu, dar si o serie de personaje provenite din SRI sau din serviciile de informatii israeliene. Printre legaturile sale se numara Horia Constantin Bejan, fost director de relatii internationale in Ministerul Industriilor. Cat timp a fost in functie a facut afaceri cu controversatul Constantin Iavorski, fostul angajat al lui Roman Abramovici. Mihail Cernoi si Anatoli Ciubais, sunt alti doi oligarhi rusi care actioneaza pe piata resurselor naturale, in domeniul petrolier, respectiv al energiei dar si in imobiliare.

Mihail Cernoi locuieste in Tel Aviv, unde a primit cetatenia israeliana. Acum, Cernoi se judeca cu Deripaska, revendicand 20 la suta din grupul Rusal. Mihail Cernoi a crescut in Uzbekistan, dar s-a stabilit in Rusia, unde a dat marile tunuri ale tranzitiei. A fost arestat in Elvetia, a primit interdictie de intrare in SUA si a fost expulzat din Bulgaria, unde detinea o companie de telefonie mobila si clubul de fotbal Levski Sofia. Pasat a fost ministru al apararii si sef al serviciilor secrete.

Lewis' The Screwtape Letters.

Intre timp dosarul lui Pasat "s-a rezolvat" si acesta revine in viata publica a Moldovei. Aici, potrivit rapoartelor de companie, Romania reprezinta o piata importanta vizata de Ciubais pentru vanzarea energiei, inclusiv cea produsa in regiunea separatista transnistreana. Corneliu Paltanea. Fost sef al unitatii prahovene a SRI. A fost arestat in dosarul furtului de combustibil de la rafinaria ploiesteana Astra Romana. Paltanea a lucrat si pentru fratii Pileri, doi afaceristi italieni cercetati penal in Palermo pentru apartenenta la Mafia. Unul dintre cei doi frati a fost ofiter de informatii militare. Afaceristi rusi proveniti din serviciile sovietice de spionaj militar au infiintat in Romania un organism hibrid, cu rol de ONG, dar si de societatate comerciala. Se numeste Centrul de Afaceri Romano-Rus CARR si a atras in randurile sale ofiteri de informatii controversati, precum si personaje care au avut probleme cu legea. Presedinte al Nova Bank si considerat initiatorul operatiunii de decapitalizare a acesteia. Iuri Ustinov.

Defalcare: gigantul norvegian Aker investește 58 de milioane de dolari în Bitcoin

Fost ofiter GRU. Ustinov se lauda in mediul de afaceri ca a fost consilierul lui Evgheni Primakov - fost sef al KGB si actualul presedinte al Camerei de Comert a Rusiei. A fost partener de afaceri cu sotia lui Nicolae Vacaroiu, presedintele Senatului. Este cercetat penal de Parchet pentru fraude fiscale, dar dosarele sunt tergiversate. A devalizat intreprinderea de stat Postavul Azuga, pe terenurile careia inalta un complex turistic de lux. In afacere este asociat cu un magnat rus, stabilit in America. Yacov Goldovsky omul lui Cernoi, ii reprezinta interesele in Rafo, pe care Goldovsky o controleaza, acum, prin compania Petrochemical Holding, cu sediul in Austria. Ina fost arestat pentru delapidarea combinatului rusesc Sibur petrochimieunde era partener cu Gazprom. A stat sase luni in inchisoare, timp in care Gazprom a reusit sa-l faca sa-si vanda actiunile pe 90 de milioane de dolari. Prin Global s-au livrat echipamentele energetice pentru CET Mintia, valorand peste 20 de milioane de dolari. Kremlinul are interese directe in firma: sediul social este in Bucuresti, Piata Charles de Gaulle, chiar in cladirea fostei misiuni comerciale sovietice din Romania. Impozantul imobil apartinea, de fapt, presedintiei Rusiei. Din firma gazduita de Kremlin o cincime este detinuta de Engineering Company Ziomar, casa de comert a gigantului industrial de stat, ZiO Podolsk, producator rus de masini nucleare si energetice, implicat in numeroase scandaluri internationale, inclusiv in programul de imbogatire a uraniului din Iran.

Ziomar este reprezentata in Romania de Victor Ustinov, fostul atasat comercial al Rusiei la Bucuresti. O parte din profitul casei de comert este manevrat printr - un off-shore Mardima Company Ltd. Din anii '80 pana inBejan a fost adjunct al directiei generale de comert exterior. Era in functie incand guvernul a emis ordonanta de modernizare a CET. Tot atunci, era actionar minoritar in Global. Legaturile lui Bejan in spatiul fostei URSS dateaza din anii '80, cand acesta a gestionat participarea romaneasca la constructia combinatului ucrainean de la Krivoi Rog.

Fantastic Creatures in Greek Mythology

In timp ce activa in minister, Horia Bejan a fost asociat in afaceri si cu Constantin Iavorski - fost angajat al oligarhului rus, Roman Abramovici, si fost ministru al energiei in Republica Moldova. Ofiter KGB, la origine, Iavorski a monopolizat ani la rand furnizarea de combustibili energetici carbune si pacura catre termocentralele romanesti, angajand la firmele sale fosti ofiteri SRI. Tot tranzactiile cu carbune i-au adus fata-n fata pe Bejan si Golovin.

Pe langa Global, Horia Bejan mai este asociat cu Golovin si in alte afaceri cu iz rusesc. In jurul casutei postale s-a dezvoltat grupul de afaceri al israeliencei Tonya Halpern, implicata in scandalul privatizarii Hotelului Bucuresti. Tonya Halpern si defunctul ei sot, Moshe, proveneau din structurile AMAN - serviciul de spionaj al armatei israeliene. Aliatul in afaceri al Tonyei Halpern a fost Constantin Iavorski, alaturi de care a cartelizat licitatiile de furnizare a carbunelui catre termocentralele romanesti. Asadar, entitatile VA Tech primeau contracte avantajoase, fara licitatie, de la statul roman. BBP a dat faliment infiind preluata de japonezii de la Hitachi.

Inoligarhul Igor Ziuzin, seful lui Boris Golovin, a aparut brusc pe firmamentul bogatilor lumii. Atunci, el a preluat oficial Uzina Metalurgica Celiabinsk direct de la Glencore International, compania de intermediere fondata de Marc Rich in Elvetia. Ulterior, marele combinat din Celiabinsk - un colos al industriei sovietice, a devenit nucleul grupului Mechel, detinut, oficial, de Ziuzin. In acea perioada, rusul imbogatit peste noapte a inceput ofensiva de achizitii in Europa de Est. In acelasi trust au fost integrate si minele lui Ziuzin din Kuzbass regiunea Uralicare furnizeaza carbune, prin intermediari, catre numeroase termocentrale romanesti. Este vorba despre Dilcor International Ltd. Alor a fost singurul producator de alumina tubulara din Europa. Dilcor a fost investigata de politia din Liechtenstein, datorita conexiunile dubioase financiare dintre Deripaska, Mihail Cernoi si Iskander Mahmudov - personaj prezent si in afacerea Rafo Onesti. Un contract comercial din augustincheiat de Glencore cu firma elvetiana Conares Trading si intrat in posesia noastra, releva o tranzactie uriasa parafata de Ziuzin cu oamenii lui Rich. Primul se obliga sa livreze catre intermediarul Glencore peste Initial, Conares a functionat ca trader pentru combinatul de la Celiabinsk.

Apoi, aceasta fost preluata in de Ziuzin, cu tot cu Conares. Casa de comert a oligarhului Ziuzin se numeste Mechel Trading si a fost inregistrata tot in Zug, la aceeasi adresa cu Conares. Prin traderii sai, rusul deruleaza exporturi masive din tara noastra, iar printre clientii sai de baza figureaza companiile dezvoltate in umbra lui Marc Rich. Boris Golovin care detine in Bucuresti si Romcar Russian Buses este cel care tranzactioneaza pentru Ziuzin achizitionarea unei termocentrala din Giurgiu, Uzina Termoelectrica SA, care apartine de consiliul judetean. Aceasta ar crea o sursa de energie pentru intreprinderile pe care colosul rus Mechel, al carui proprietar e Ziuzin. Magnatul pentru care lucreaza acesta, Ziuzin controleaza mineritul de carbune, productia de otel si energia vrea sa controloleze si productia de energie electrica pentru intreprinderile sale si sa obtina controlul total al preturilor.

Procedurile de privatizare la Giurgiu au fost initiate, cel putin pe hartie, in urma cu exact doi ani. Uzina face parte din grupul celor 34 de intreprinderi de stat ale caror datorii urmeaza sa cumpărați și investiți bitcoin sterse, conform unei ordonante de urgenta a cabinetului Tariceanu. ANAF isi propusese, la finele luisa execute silit termocentrala, insa a suspendat procesul pentru ca populatia sa nu ramana fara caldura. Datoriile depaseau zece milioane de euro. Presedintele Consiliului Judetean Giurgiu, Victor Boiangiu, a confirmat atunci ca negocierile s-au referit la preluarea de catre Mechel a productiei de energie pentru populatie. Infiintat in Cipru, Petlon Entreprises e, de fapt, intermediar pentru carbune din Rusia. Firma lui Halpern, fosta lucratoare a serviciilor de spionaj militar ale Israelului, a primit la Giurgiu, un contract de 5 milioane de dolari, prin care Petlon Entreprises furnizeaza 60 de mii tone de carbune rusesc, produs de grupul Mechel.

Ziuzin a vizitat Giurgiu impreuna cu proprii specialisti din Rusia. Ziuzin priveste si spre Ruse, unde e si acolo o termocentrala de vanzare. Centrala de la Ruse este in functiune si se afla la trei kilometri de Dunare. Carbunele bulgarilor vine tot din Rusia din zona Kuznetk, prin Mechel. Acesta a fost, timp de 15 ani, ofiter in Armata Romana, dupa care s-a reprofilat, inpe afaceri.

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Boeru are legaturi directe cu gruparea Bittner. El este administratorul fostei firme de stat Piscicola Arad, cumparata pe nimic sub guvernarea Nastase, de Petre Ion, omul lui Bittner. Patroana, Marieta Anastasescu, este avocata firmelor infiintate de Alexandru Bittner si este vecina lui Adrian Nastase in blocul de pe Zambaccian. Conexiunile lui Alexandru Bittner conduc tot spre oligarhii rusi. Primul indiciu se reflecta in Mastertrade Ltd. Practic, rusii sunt favorizati de un cerc vicios. Profit bitcoin olav slim lichidat datoria URSS prin echipamente, dat tot ei mizeaza in continuare ca vor castiga bani din punerea lor in functiune. In conditiile in care utilajele au garantia expirata, este uzual ca numai firmele producatoare LMZ si ZiO Podolsk sa emita alta noua.

1000 de investiții în primele 100 de criptomonede.

Globalul a castigat licitatia de furnizare de carbune la Iasi, Suceava si Deva. Contractele de la Iasi si Suceava valoreaza impreuna 10,2 milioane de dolari. Spargerea Termoelectrica in parti profitabile ori paguboase a fost solutia gasita de autoritatile romane pentru a multumi Banca Mondiala si FMI care, de la mijlocul anilor '90 si pana in timpul guvernarii PSD, aratau cu degetul spre datoriile de miliarde de dolari acumulate de marile profit bitcoin olav slim energetice - faimoasele arierate. Acesta are legaturi mai vechi cu afaceristii din spatiul ex-sovietic, cum ar fi asocierea sa cu Constantin Iavorski, fost angajat al lui Roman Abramovici. Autobuzele sunt produse la Resita, iar piata vizata e cea interna. Caroseria se face in Rusia, licentele sunt cumparate de la grupul lui Deripaska. Golovin detine un procent foarte mic in Robus, in schimb, controleaza Romcar Russian Buses SA, casa de comert pentru acest proiect. Soare, administrator al firmei, i-a facut lui Golovin planul de afaceri. Suma achitata pentru UCM a fost 13,1 milioane euro. Dupa cum au spus cei de la Resita, statul s-a angajat sa le stearga datoriile istorice, dar in firma era mentionata printre marii debitori. Mechel e un gigant din domeniul carbunelui si otelului. Companiile metalurgice ale Mechel ar putea fi preluate de Rosoboronexport, o corporatie rusa de stat care intermediaza importurile si exporturile de armament.

Rosoboronexport a decis sa-si creeze o divizie speciala, care se numeste Russian Special Steel RusSpetsStaldestinata producerii de otel pentru armament. Igor Ziuzin, bossul Mechel, a primit sarcina direct de la fostul presedinte rus Vladimir Putin. Ziuzin Igor. Avere - 1,1 miliarde de dolari. De profesie - inginer minier. In anul Ziuzin a devenit adjunctul directorului pentru comert la una dintre minele din regiunea Kemerovo. Incepand cu anul Ziuzin a inceput sa cumpere intreprinderi metalurgice. In anul el a intemeiat Grupul de Oteluri Mechel, in care intra nu numai uzinele rusesti, ci si intreprinderi din Romania. Ziuzin a cumparat portul Posiet din Extremul Orient gestionand astfel un important lant de transport din Asia spre Europa. Fratii Mihail si Lev Cernoi, au incercat preluarea intregii industrii a aluminiului de catre grupul Ruskii Aluminii Rusalcontrolat de Deripaska. Acesta este ruda cu Boris Eltin, fostul presedinte al Federatiei Ruse, si a facut afaceri cu Mihail Cernoi, ambii fiind veterani ai "razboaielor aluminiului" din anii '90, soldate cu fraude si asasinate de tip mafiot. Cernoi are interese intr-o ampla operatiune de preluare a intreprinderilor romanesti din industria de profil. Rusal are intentia de a prelua firmele din Slatina si Tulcea.

Personaj important al crimei organizate ruso-israeliene, Cernoi a profitat de situatia politico-economica din Rusia anilor ' Atunci, milioane de tone de aluminiu de provenienta ruseasca au inundat piata mondiala, iar Cernoi a preluat de la stat combinate din fosta URSS, prin compania sa, Trans World Ltd. Practic, Cernoi, fostul partener lui Deripaska, ar deveni astfel unul dintre potentialii beneficiari ai preluarii in bloc a industriei romanesti de laminate.

Statul islamic revendinca atentatul din Tunisia.

Declansata la sfarsitul anilor '90, privatizarea industriei de aluminiu din Romania urma sa-l aiba ca actor principal pe nepotul lui Eltin. Acesta era controlat, inprin Dilcor International, un off-shore din Insulele Virgine, al carui nume aparea intr-o ancheta a politiei din Liechtenstein cu privire la legaturile dintre Deripaska, Cernoi si Iskander Mahmudov personaj prezent si in afacerea RAFO. In noiembrieCernoi a revendicat in justitie 20 la suta din Rusal, afirmand ca detine aceste actiuni peste 3 miliarde de euro pe numele lui Deripaska. Firma din Slatina face profit si din importurile de gaz de la Gazprom. Practic cel care aduce gaze in Romania este grupul Marco, in spatele caruia sta Machitski. Conef SA intermediaza in Romania aproape jumatate din cantitatea totala de gaze pe care Gazprom o livreaza tarii noastre. InConef a adus 1,5 miliarde de metri cubi de gaz rusesc. Acordul semnat de firma inregistrata in Romania cu Gazprom este valabil timp de 25 de ani si confera Conef o pozitie dominanta pe piata distributiei. In Romania, Conef a dezvoltat o vasta suveica de firma, participand direct in alte societati.

Alesandru fusese numit in functie din partea Partidului Conservator condus de Dan Voiculescu. La randul sau, Romplumb SA Baia Mare, cel mai mare producator autohton de plumb primar, a fost luat in vizor de oamenii lui Machitski. Cernoi era interesat sa investeasca in Romania sume importante de bani, in special prin achizitionarea unor agenti economici reprezentativi din domeniul industriei petrochimice. Printre actionarii care s-au perindat pe la rafinaria din Onesti se afla fosti asociati ai oligarhului Cernoi care a cumparat, ino parte din datoriile RAFO, si i le-a vandut fostului sau asociat, Yacov Goldovski. Aceasta controleaza intreaga retea de electricitate precum si instalatiile de generare a electricitatii de pe teritoriul Rusiei. Ciubais a supravietuit unui atentat, in Mana dreapta a lui Ciubais este Vladimir Potanin. Potanin Vladimir Nikolaevici. Averea - 5,4 miliarde de dolari. Tatal lui Potanin era reprezentantul comercial in Noua Zelanda. In luna august Potanin a fost numit primul prim-ministru.

In aceasta functie el s-a ocupat doar de pomparea banilor din vistieria de stat in structurile proprii. Potanin era favoritul lui Ciubais, de aceea cele mai grase bucati au ajuns la el. Suveica de firme care se ocupa de comertul cu energie are ca punct de plecare Londra. Grupul a intermediat numeroase tranzactii legate de statul rus. Cursa a fost castigata de Energo Pro din Cehia. Nu ar fi prima tranzactie catre teritoriul romanesc - producatorul de aluminiu 100 € monede criptografice de investiții Slatina controlat tot de rusi importa deja energie de la Cuciurgan.

Asa cum toate sectoarele strategice, primordiale in economia Rusiei, industria petrolifera, Gazprom, industria nucleara, minele de uraniu, industria spatiala, sunt controlate de catre grupul de la Dresda al ofiterului KGB Vladimir Putin, tot astfel si in Romania ofiterii rusi conduc si controleaza ramuri industriale strategice pentru industria de razboi. Istoria preluarii aluminiului romanesc de catre rusi incepe imediat dupa Revolutie. ALRO si, ulterior, restul industriei de aluminiu au intrat treptat sub controlul unei grupari a serviciilor rusesti. Tranzactia face parte dintr-o strategie mai ampla de concentrare a intregii productii de aluminiu din Romania intr-o singura mana, ceea ce a dus la premiza monopolului pe piata romaneasca de profil. Totul pleaca de la acelasi nume: Marco. Marco de la Mark Rich, partenerul de afaceri cât de sigur este bitcoin trader lui Soros.